Improve paperboard properties and boost process efficiency with smart coating pigments and mineral fillers

The production of high-performing paperboard for printing and packaging relies on choosing exactly the right high quality coating pigments and mineral fillers to suit the specification. From enhancement of optical properties, such as opacity and brightness, to better production consistency, Omya offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions. Our customers benefit from our extensive technical expertise, making it easier to select the best board coating pigments and mineral fillers to improve print performance, enhance paperboard process efficiency and enable energy savings.

Coating pigments

Omya calcium carbonate coating pigments significantly enhance the optical qualities of paperboard, cartonboard and other packaging boards to allow superior print quality and image clarity.


Whatever the desired level of gloss, opacity, or brightness, Omya’s range of coating pigments has a product to suit.


Omya coating pigments have a high level of solids which offer advantages to papermakers in terms of production speed, drying time and energy consumption.

Coating Pigments

Mineral fillers

Adding Omya calcium carbonate to the production process improves the opacity and brightness of white top liner and folding boxboard grades and creates a smoother surface for printing.


Mineral fillers can also improve the physical properties of the paperboard, increasing fiber yield without affecting the mechanical properties of the board.


Omya’s mineral fillers increase production line output of linerboard and fluting grades by improving drainage. This results in higher line speeds, energy savings and a lower dependence on virgin or recycled fibers, increasing sustainability and reducing costs.

 Mineral fillers

Functional Coatings

Our water-based functional coatings turn paper and paperboard grades into high-performance food packaging materials that deliver on consumer safety, functionality, and recyclability. 


Ready to use and easy to handle, Omya barrier coatings are fully recyclable, compostable and some are up to 100% biobased.


Our barrier coating products are used in coating, converting and printing, and can be customized to suit specific needs and applications.

Paperboard functional coatings
 Mineral fillers


Ground calcium carbonate is a natural and renewable raw material that is compatible with standard recycling methods. Since calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring mineral, it does not involve any energy consuming chemical reaction, giving it a substantially lower carbon footprint than fiber production.

Omya calcium carbonate fillers and coating pigments are used to substitute a proportion of the wood fiber in paperboard, as well as reducing the need for latex in the coating formulation. This not only reduces the demand for fiber and latex but saves energy by improving dewatering and lowering the drying time. 


Calcium carbonate has a low carbon footprint and is a natural, renewable material, so substitution of fiber with calcium carbonate reduces the overall carbon footprint of the paperboard.

The use of calcium carbonate as either mineral filler or coating pigments for paperboard production typically results in a smoother paper surface.


This improves the printability of the paper, but more importantly for the manufacturer, it increases machine runability and reduces wear and tear.


Omya’s calcium carbonate fillers and coatings also help with the retention of other additives and fine particles during the paperboard manufacturing process, resulting in a more consistent product.

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Our in-house laboratories and lab coating lines support our innovation and product development program with physical and chemical testing.