A cost-effective solution for all types of flooring, both luxury and rigid.

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Omya supplies a broad range of calcium carbonate grades, including our Omyacarb product family, providing an excellent balance of cost optimization and final flooring tile properties.

In Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) systems, calcium carbonate is used at low or medium levels in the decorative and top layer, but in backing layers it can make up to 65% of the product. 

Achieve the best performance possible with calcium carbonate

For rigid LVT systems, we offer fine and treated calcium carbonate grades to achieve the best possible mechanical properties at high filler levels.


For semi-rigid LVT systems, we recommend coarser calcium carbonate grades, allowing high filler levels with low plasticizer absorption and a high packing density.


Finally, for the durable and water-resistant Stone-Plastic-Composite products (SPC), our Omyacarb coarse grades can reach up to 65-70% at excellent processability.


Reduce carbon footprint and improve sustainability

The use of calcium carbonate in flooring production reduces environmental impact significantly.


The production of calcium carbonate is a low energy process, leaving the carbon footprint substantially lower than that of any polymer resin.


Calcium carbonate also meets the criteria for a renewable material.



  • Allows high mineral loadings leading to significant formulation cost reduction
  • Increased production output at consistent quality
  • Improved surface quality, printability, tactile properties, ageing resistance
  • Significant contribution to carbon footprint reduction, saving millions of tons of carbon annually

Talk to an Expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate compounds can support you in masterbatch production, you can speak to our expert team.

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