Omya Neutrasorb Mag

Safe, effective, economical pH control in wastewater treatment.

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Increase alkalinity, reduce risk and improve sustainability 

Omya Neutrasorb Mag is a stabilized magnesium hydroxide suspension which is both non-hazardous and non-toxic. 

Its low viscosity and buffering properties allow easy handling and dosing without the risk of overdosing. 

It is a natural product with a significantly lower carbon footprint than caustic soda or burnt lime, providing the most effective alkali available on the market.  

The benefits of Omya Neutrasorb Mag

  • Efficient neutralization for sulfate or phosphate rich wastewater 

  • Stable and slow-settling, storable for up to two months 

  • Natural buffering eliminates overdosing 

  • Safe to handle and dose, reducing risk for operators  

  • Non-corrosive and non-scaling, reducing maintenance requirements 

  • Stable pricing, not affected by volatile markets 

  • Sustainable, natural product with low carbon footprint 

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or email for more information.

Your questions answered

Omya Neutrasorb Mag is 57% magnesium hydroxide slurry, which has the highest specific neutralization capacity of all liquid alkalis.


Manufactured from natural brucite, it can be used as a direct replacement for caustic soda at a ratio of 1: 2.7 for 30% caustic soda solution and 1: 1.6 for 50% caustic soda solution. 

Omya Neutrasorb Mag is both non-hazardous and non-toxic, reducing the risk to operators and to the environment.


Its natural buffering limits the pH to 9, which eliminates the risk of overdosing and protects the biological system. It also protects plant and equipment as it does not produce calcium scale, even in a salt-rich environment. 

Omya Neutrasorb Mag is the most effective alkali on the market, so less is required to neutralize the same amount of wastewater.


It reduces precipitation costs through faster settling and better dewatering and eliminates risk to the biological treatment process by buffering the pH. 

Omya Neutrasorb Mag is made from natural minerals with a carbon footprint that is less than one tenth of the footprint of lime or caustic soda.  

Omya Neutrasorb Mag is ideal for the neutralization of wastewater that is rich in sulfate or phosphate.


It helps with odor control and sulfide removal, and neutralization in systems without aeration. If you have complex wastewater treatment needs, then talk to us about how Omya Neutrasorb Mag will help. 

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