Omya Sulfoprill

High-efficiency sulfur nutrition and soil conditioning.

Why should I use Omya Sulfoprill?

Omya Sulfoprill is a 2 – 6 mm granulated product containing ultra-fine particles of natural calcium sulfate. It provides sulfur and calcium to the crop and improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil, leading to healthier soils and more productive crops.

The benefits of Omya Sulfoprill

  • Granules dissolve and disperse quickly in the soil 
  • Provides essential calcium and sulfur nutrition in a form suitable for plant uptake 
  • Sulfur is essential in protein synthesis 
  • Improves soil structure and environment for soil biota 
  • Corrects sodic soils 
  • Maximizes uptake and utilization of nitrogen fertilizers 
  • Applied easily with standard fertilizer spreaders or by in-furrow precision application 
  • Suitable for organic use

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

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“I believe Omya Sulfoprill is an easy-to-use product, and you can use your own spreader with it. You can observe a clear effect quite quickly. It's a cost-effective way to apply sulfur.” 


        - Henrik Nilsson, Arable Farmer, Sweden

What is Omya Sulfoprill?

Omya Sulfoprill is a granulated fertilizer and soil conditioner made from high quality micronized calcium sulfate.

Sulfur (S)14±2%
Sulfuric anhydride (SO3)35±4%
Calcium (Ca)27±5%
Calcium Oxide (CaO)38±7%
Granule Size2 - 6 mm
Bulk Density1100±100 g/l

How does Omya Sulfoprill improve soil structure?

Omya Sulfoprill provides the soil with positively charged ionic calcium (Ca++ ) which improves soil structure. This form of calcium interacts with the negatively charged soil colloid in clay and organic matter to create soil flocculation.


Omya Sulfoprill also corrects sodic soils by replacing the excess exchangeable sodium (Na) with calcium (Ca) in the cation exchange capacity of soil particles. The excess sodium interacts with the sulfate ions from Omya Sulfoprill to form sodium sulphate (Na2SO4) which is then leached out from the soil by drainage.

Calcium Flucotation

Why is sulfur nutrition important for crops?

Sulfur is essential for nitrogen metabolism in plants, enabling the production of amino acids and proteins.  Sulfur deficiency reduces chlorophyll production and causes the yellowing of younger leaves. 


It also prevents the crop from using nitrogen efficiently for plant metabolism, which results in reduced shoot growth, fewer tillers in cereals and a consequent reduction in yield. Omya Sulfoprill provides sulfur to the crop in the sulfate form, which is the only form the plant can take up from the soil.

Sulfoprill Sulfur uptake

How should I use Omya Sulfoprill for sulfur nutrition?

Sulfur requirements for different crops differ according to soil, agronomic practices and crop yields expected. Omya Sulfoprill provides sulfur nutrition in a form that is easily taken up by the crop, unlike other sulfur fertilizers. For specific advice to suit your circumstances, consult your agronomist.

CropSulfur crop requirements S (SO3) kg/haOmya Sulfoprill recommendation kg/ha
Oilseed rape35 - 100 (90 - 250)250 - 700
Cereals25 - 50 (60 - 125)180 - 350
Pulses25 - 45 (60- 110)180 - 320
Fodder20 - 100 (50 - 250)150 - 700
Potato20 - 40 (50 - 100)150 - 300
Onion/Garlic40 - 50 (100 - 125)300 - 350
Sunflower25 - 50 (60 - 125)180 - 350
Corn20 - 50 (50 - 125)150 - 350

How should I use Omya Sulfoprill to correct sodic soil?

The amount of Omya Sulfoprill (mt/ha) required to correct sodic soil depends on the soil sodium content and soil CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity). For specific advice to suit your circumstances, consult your agronomist.

 Soil sodium content (Na2O mg/kg)
CEC (cmole+/ kg or meg/100)Weak CEC (6)
Average CEC (12)
Strong CEC (18)

What results can I expect with Omya Sulfoprill? 

Omya Sulfoprill is proven in independent trials to increase yield and quality in crops that require high amounts of sulfur, such as oilseed rape, hybrid barley and potatoes. Download Evaluating the benefits of sulfoprill for oilseed rape yield and quality to learn about our trials results.

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