Omya Criscarb 

Calcium carbonate seed crystals for fast decarbonization of potable water.

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Accelerate water softening with high purity calcium carbonate seed crystals 

Omya Criscarb is a high purity calcium carbonate seeding material which allows the formation of 100% calcium carbonate pellets and leads to better valorization of byproducts in markets such as the glass industry. 

The benefits of Omya Criscarb 

  • Faster decarbonization than other seeding material such as sand or silicates 
  • Ultra-pure calcium carbonate 
  • Better valorization of byproducts 

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or email for more information.

Your questions answered

Omya Criscarb is recommended in the water softening process where fast decarbonization is achieved using reactor bed filters and caustic soda or lime as chemical reactants.  

Omya Criscarb is an effective alternative to the conventional sand grains as seed crystals. 


How do Omya Criscarb calcium carbonate seed crystals work? 

In fast-decarbonization, a bed of Omya Criscarb seed-crystals and grown calcium carbonate pellets float in the water. 


The addition of chemicals like caustic soda or lime triggers a reaction that forces the calcium out of the water and on to the Omya Criscarb seed-crystal. 


The seed-crystal "grain" grows bigger and turns into a pellet. To keep the process stable, the pellets are removed periodically and new Omya Criscarb seed-crystals are added. 

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