Extend shelf life with high performing functional coatings for demanding packaging applications. 

Omya’s Extomine family of products are ready to use water borne barrier coatings based on synthetic polymers. They allow the use of existing application equipment at paper mills and packaging converters, including coating and printing machines.  

Protect against mineral oils and harmful substances

Extomine M binder grade protects food against mineral oil (MOSH, MOAH) and other harmful migrating substances. Shielding food from regulated substances, Extomine M is ideal for folding boxboard grades based on recycled or virgin fibers, as well as flexible paper packaging such as bags or pouches.

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Protect against oil, grease and water

Extomine G is an effective alternative to fluoro chemical type products for oil and grease resistance. Suitable for many application technologies, it can also be used for water and water vapor resistant barriers. Suggested applications include takeaway packaging, folding cartons, bags and pouches.

Chinese food container - Oil, grease, and water protection

Alternative to polyolefin materials for heat seal

Extomine S allows the packaging designer to replace classic adhesive solutions such as polyethylene laminations or extrusions with a water based and recyclable option. It provides effective sealability with multiple sealing technologies. Extomine S offers high performance in products such as sachets, pouches and lidding.

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Product family benefits

  • Extomine M

    • Ready to use
    • Water borne
    • Applicable with existing coating units
    • Fully recyclable 
  • Extomine G

    • Ready to use
    • Water borne
    • High grease barrier 
    • Applicable with existing coating units 
    • Fully recyclable
  • Extomine S

    • Water-based
    • Ready to use 
    • Suitable for multiple sealing techniques
    • Recyclable and repulpable

Technical support

Omya’s technical specialists will support you in selecting and implementing the correct Extomine grade for your packaging requirements.