A range of grades to enhance product quality and align with sustainability targets, ideal to enhance the appearance and properties of soap bars. Omyacare is not limited to hygiene products but can also be used in anhydrous formulations such as face masks or solid makeup removers. It helps with the removal of impurities and accelerates the drying process.
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Omyacare is a range of pure, natural calcium carbonate grades which comply with the most stringent regulatory guidelines.

With a much lower carbon footprint than precipitated calcium carbonate or silica, Omyacare improves the sustainability profile of products such as soaps and toothpastes.

Benefits of Omyacare

  • High purity, natural product
  • Range of ingredients offering different particle size and origin
  • Some grades NATRUE and COSMOS approved

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

Oral care

Omya uses different source materials and processing to create a complete line of abrasive powders with different properties for the oral care market.


Omyacare can be used to adjust organoleptic properties such as texture, color, opacity and viscosity as well as cleaning performance, to best meet the customer’s needs.


Our minerals provide calcium ions for remineralization, can neutralize acidity in the oral cavity and are suitable for fluoridized toothpastes with sodium monofluorophosphate.

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Suitable for use in skin products such as creams and emulsions.


Some grades are COSMOS approved and NATRUE certified and therefore ideal for organic formulations.

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Suitable for use in shampoos and conditioner as volumizers and for sebum absorption.


Some grades are COSMOS approved and NATRUE certified and therefore ideal for organic formulations.

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Soap bars

Omyacare enhances the creaminess of soaps as well as improving their natural appearance, whiteness and the amount and speed of foam generation.


It reduces costs by maintaining the weight of the soap bar in a lower volume. Some grades are COSMOS approved and NATRUE certified and therefore ideal for organic formulations.

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Technical support

From the evaluation of competitor products to the development or improvement of new formulae, our technical experts will support you all the way. 


We offer prototyping for exhibitions and customers, characterization and stability testing for raw materials, and problem-solving support during production.

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