Engineered materials

Technical and commercial engineered material solutions to support customers with market challenges.
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Omya works closely with producers of engineered materials to bring innovative, efficient solutions to our global customers in many industries.


Providing solutions to address the market needs for energy efficiency, weight reduction, and aesthetic requirements within the automotive market.


From the exterior, interior, lighting as well as under the hood applications, together with Omya we will be able to help with the development of materials and advanced systems for increasing the sustainability and energy efficiency of vehicles.

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Electrical and electronics

From simple cables and household appliances to smartphones, many of the latest devices created in the electrical & electronic market capitalize on engineered materials.


Thanks to their versatility, engineering polymers contribute significantly to the innovation in the electrical and electronic market. Adapted to the latest trends, we as Omya understand and recognize the stringent consumer requirements that consistently demand for thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient devices.


Omya's innovative solutions are the foundation to help customers to differentiate their brands within the competitive marketplace.

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Industrial applications

When it comes to industrial applications such as fluid engineering systems, we provide material solutions that deliver the mechanical performance, reliability and cost efficiency without sacrificing safety.


On top of that, if you are looking for a solution to meet the increasing demand for flame retardants in an industrial component, Omya has an extensive range of portfolios as well as our technical expertise, to help you find the right solution.

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Healthcare and medical

To support our customers with changing requirements in the healthcare and medical industries, Omya continues to innovate with new materials and processing expertise.


Our latest developments address important trends, such as including the need for portable technologies, the reduction of healthcare associated infections (HAIs), the increased use of biologic drugs, and the increasing and changing regulations for medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

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Omya provides a wide range of engineered materials portfolio for optical solutions to address challenges in properties such as: transparency/ diffusion, clarity, haze, color, weatherability, refractive index and lumen per watt.


Through our partnership, Omya will support you in realizing the full potential of your optical applications.

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Consideration for durable and resource-saving solutions play an ever-increasing role as does a deep understanding of the evolving regulatory environment.


In addition to barrier properties for carbon dioxide, oxygen, aromas, food compatibility, our solutions also are able to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of our customers.


We stay ahead of the curve by providing solutions with biodegradable & bio compostable plastics where required by the customers.

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Recycled polymers 

Looptech, a high-performance compound created from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polymers, is appropriate for a variety of engineering applications and products.


Contribute to the circular economy by reducing energy use, manufacturing carbon footprint, and formulation costs.

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Engineered polymers

Omya offers unique surface-modified calcium carbonate solutions that enhance engineering polymers while lowering overall costs and environmental impact.


Omya Smartfill offers improved impact strength properties when replacing minerals such as wollastonite and enables a reduction of glass fiber content in polyamide. Omya Smartfill increases opacity in white polycarbonate and allows for the decrease of titanium dioxide while retaining its mechanical properties.

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Environmentally friendly distribution solutions

Omya’s portfolio of solutions contributes positively to the environment.


Our vision is to provide sustainable solutions to the marketplace by introducing materials made with bio-based, renewably sourced and recycled content, whilst meeting the functional requirements of the application.

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  • High Performance Engineered Polymers from BASF

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    Accelerate your innovation through the use of BASF’s Engineered Polymers in the Appliance, Automotive, Construction, Electronics & Electric, Footwear, Furniture and Medical Technology industries.

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