Omya Optical 

A safe, efficient solution to improve the biological performance of activated sludge.  

Optimize the activated sludge process  

Omya Optical is a high purity, natural calcium carbonate which enhances and stabilizes the activated sludge process in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment. 

The benefits of Omya Optical 

  • Enhanced biological performance 
  • Simplified process operations 
  • Larger, denser flocs 
  • Better dewatering and less sludge  
  • Long-lasting buffer effect 
  • Safe to handle, store and dose 
  • No risk of accidental pH spike 
  • Available as powder or slurry  

*Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative for more information.

Your questions answered

Omya Optical provides the ideal environment for nitrifying bacteria, which requires the pH to be in the range of 7-8 for full efficiency. Nitrification acidifies the activated sludge process, which slows the nitrification rate, increasing the levels of suspended solids and leads to concrete corrosion in basins and pipes. Omya Optical particles are integrated into the flocs and provide growth support to nitrifying bacteria and an alkalinity reservoir at the point of consumption. 

Omya Optical is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive product that is safe for handling and operations. This greatly reduces the risk profile for plant operators in comparison with caustic soda or lime. Safety training and procedures for spills and accidents are simpler and Omya Optical can be transported, handled and stored without special safety measures. 

Omya Optical has a natural buffering effect, unlike caustic soda, lime and, to a lesser extent, magnesium hydroxide, which risk harming the biology of the activated sludge through accidental overdosing. Excess Omya Optical extends the buffer against further acidification and maintains a stable operation. In contrast to lime and magnesium hydroxide, Omya Optical doesn’t clog pipes or leave hard deposits at the bottom or on the sides of tanks. This increases station availability and significantly reduces maintenance costs and man-hours. 

The larger, denser flocs generated by using Omya Optical improve the settling of the biomass, reducing the sludge volume index and leading to clearer effluent. Reduced turbidity and fewer ultrafine particles in the clarifier carry-over provide further benefits for downstream treatment processes, especially in the case of reuse applications. Improved sedimentation increases hydraulic capacity and resolves bulking issues resulting from filamentous bacteria. This helps plants meet regulatory discharge allowances, protects the receiving water bodies and negates the need for additional capital investment in larger facilities. 

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