Oral care

Natural mineral ingredients for safe and eco-friendly oral care, offering brilliant cleaning alongside easy processing.

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Natural products for the formulation of safe, effective oral care

As consumers expect safe, natural products for oral care, manufacturers face the challenge of achieving sufficient cleaning and abrasive properties in their products. 

Omya natural calcium carbonates enhance the cleaning efficacy and texture, offering expertise in all dosage formulations and in developing applications for easy processing. Our products help manufacturers to combine safe, natural oral care with new and unusual sensorial experiences.


A portfolio of specialty ingredients for oral care applications

In addition to our wide range of minerals, Omya offers a portfolio of specialty ingredients for oral care applications allowing for valuable synergies:

  • Hydrocolloids / rheology modifiers 
  • Foaming agents  
  • Gums and thickeners
  • Fluorides 
  • Sweeteners 
  • Preservatives 
  • Abrasives
  • Surfactants 
  • Humectants

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.


Technical support

Our technical experts work closely with customers to develop or improve oral care formulations, starting with the evaluation of competitor products. 


We offer prototyping for exhibitions and customers, characterization and stability testing for raw materials, and problem-solving support during production.

Multifunctional ingredients for oral care

Omya minerals are known as multifunctional ingredients, providing excellent cleaning performance, enamel remineralization, whitening and desensitization benefits. 

Your questions answered

Omya is a leading supplier of natural mineral additives that meet consumer demand for safe and eco-friendly oral care solutions, with several ingredients in the company’s portfolio also COSMOS and NATRUE certified. 

Omya has expertise in the development of ingredients for oral care formulations including toothpaste, sticks, powders, tablets, mouthwashes and serums. 

Thanks to our long-term research and development programs, Omya’s expert teams support customers with top-quality, tailor-made applications that improve ease of processing.


Omya minerals and complementary distribution portfolio provide a unique stop for oral care ingredients sourcing. New formats allow the creation of future-proof and functional combinations targeting individual needs, and consumer demand for new and unusual sensorial experiences.

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