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Blue Masterbatch for Polymers

Omya meets the essential needs of current and future generations with technically advanced, responsibly sourced raw materials that improve sustainability, cost efficiency and allow for supply chain optimization. 

Our products enhance profitability by increasing productivity, lowering energy demand and optimizing material costs.

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Improving sustainability in the polymers market

Calcium carbonate helps to save precious raw material resources in plastic conversion.


Depending on the type of application, calcium carbonate can replace up to 60% of polymer in the final articles, which significantly reduces the percentage of petroleum-derived resources.


Calcium carbonate in the form of limestone, marble or chalk is according to ISO 14021 a natural, renewable material.


Increase Profitability

Improve productivity
Polymers filled with calcium carbonate transfer heat more quickly, increasing production line speed and achieving higher throughput.


Lower cost
Calcium carbonate is immune to volatile polymer pricing. Highlyfilled masterbatches save on raw material costs and reduce energy requirements.

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Your improved functionality

Calcium carbonate additives enable polymer producers to achieve functionalities such as breathability, opacity, printability, soft touch, or anti blocking. This versatile mineral also improves compatibility and processing efficiency.


Our technical experts understand the possibilities opened up by the use of calcium carbonate and will help you identify and implement the right solution for your production goals.