Boosting the functionality of rigid PVC foam with specialized calcium carbonate.

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Improved building materials with enhanced rigid PVC foam

Omyafoam is used in rigid PVC foam applications to improve the performance of materials for decking, siding, foam-core PVC pipe, foam boards, and skirting boards.


Adding Omyafoam to the formulation enhances rigid PVC foam performance and increases the sustainability of the application.


It also plays a pivotal role in reducing the system cost by lowering raw material costs and boosting productivity.

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Increased economic profitability

The incorporation of Omyafoam grades provides better nucleation and foaming efficiency, resulting in lower foam density.


This optimization lowers the demand for raw materials, thereby reducing overall system costs.


The higher foaming efficiency achieved with Omyafoam increases productivity levels. In areas where low-density has already been optimized, greater calcium carbonate loading can be used to fine-tune the product costing. 

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Enhanced functionality

Omyafoam enhances foam nucleation, reducing foam density and improving cost efficiency across a wide range of applications.


It also promotes better and finer foam cell structures, preserving the mechanical properties of rigid PVC foam systems during use.



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Improved sustainability of rigid PVC foam

Omyafoam is renewable and natural ground Calcium Carbonate that uses less energy to produce than the polymers it replaces. Omyafoam has an LCA value of < 300kg CO2 equivalent/ton CaCO3, while PVC has an LCA value of 2095kg CO2  equivalent/ton PVC. 


This allows manufacturers of Rigid PVC foam to reduce their carbon footprint with no impact on performance.


SOURCE: CCA LCI coated, EU28-Turkey+Norway energy mix (Omyafoam) 

Franklin Associates for American Chemistry Council, 2021 (PVC)

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Benefits of Omyafoam

  • Reduced foam density
  • Improved foam cell structure 
  • Formulation cost optimization 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Sustainable and renewable raw material 

Sustainability and reduced carbon footprint

Omyafoam is made of natural and renewable calcium carbonate with low carbon footprint and can be used for durable and foaming applications. 


Omyafoam is available in the Asia Pacific region.

Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development. Our pilot compounding and production lines combined with our extensive testing laboratories enable process optimization and product innovation.

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