Omya Multifill

Increase mineral filler content in paper and board

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Tailored for the graphical paper and board industry, the Omya Multifill concept enables producers to replace fiber furnish with significantly higher quantities of mineral filler without reducing productivity or paper quality. This adaptable approach takes calcium carbonate filler loading to the next level by carefully bundling and structuring different filler boosting techniques to optimize the impact of each technology component.

Optimize quality, performance and cost

Omya Multifill investigates all aspects of filler use to formulate raw materials in a cost-effective way. It optimizes production processes and enables more independent raw material procurement for greater profitability. 


Starting with a comprehensive wet-end survey, our technical experts work with you to assess all aspects of filler use, including type, morphology, particle structure and size, strength, retention, and formation.

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Enhance mechanical properties of paper

With Omya Multifill we increase filler levels through surface sizing. This keeps dusting low and does not interfere with paper strength, which is important for both printing and converting operations. For paper containing ground calcium carbonate (GCC) we offer a novel biopolymer which boosts paper strength, allowing for a substantial increase in filler levels. 


The controlled pre-flocculation of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) fillers in Omya onsite plants produces stable PCC particle agglomerates that maintain strength and bulk in the paper whilst also increasing filler levels. For the highest filler levels without affecting mechanical properties, we offer Fiberlean, a composite of micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) and mineral fillers.

Omya Multifill Benefits

Omya Multifill Advantage

  • Cost savings through fiber replacement, reduced energy demand and easier dewatering and drying at higher filler loads
  • Enhanced runability through better wet strength properties
  • Improved paper properties (physical and optical)
  • Upgraded paper quality facilitating finishing, printing and further processing 
  • Creation of specific paper characteristics, opening new markets
  • Improved competitiveness

Technical support

Omya’s technical specialists will support you in selecting and implementing the correct grade for your packaging requirements.

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