Water mineralization

Increase drinking water hardness, alkalinity and pH with highly reactive minerals for use in calcite contactors.

Our natural minerals offer tailormade solutions for drinking water applications

For the mineralization of soft or desalinated water, our high purity calcium and magnesium minerals offer a cost-effective, efficient solution that you can trust.  

Filtration media for calcite contactors 

Soft or acidic water is corrosive to water distribution infrastructure and can be detrimental to personal health.


Omya’s high quality filtration media offer a cost-effective method for calcium and magnesium mineralization, alkalinity addition and pH control in drinking water treatment.  

water demineralization

Cost-effective and sustainable

Our natural minerals, including dolomite and magnesium oxide granules, present a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable solution for drinking water treatment.


 As non-hazardous and renewable raw materials with a low carbon footprint, they offer a safer and more sustainable alternative to other neutralizing agents.  


 Calcium carbonate, among these minerals, is both simple and efficient to use, requiring only basic equipment. Its non-scaling properties help operators save on maintenance costs, enhancing overall cost-effectiveness. 

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Compliant with local regulation 

Omya’s range of remineralization products are compliant with a range of local and international regulations.


Omya is committed to supplying only the highest quality of products for drinking water treatment that have been independently tested and verified to ensure compliance with the highest of standards.

compliant with local regulation

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

Type of industries

Omya works with a wide range of industries to optimize water treatment processes, sustainability and cost.

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Water treatment consultancies

Omya offers consultancy and technical support to customers, from the assessment of site-specific issues to the recommendation and implementation of proven solutions.
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