Calcium fortification solutions

Food-grade ingredients with high bioavailability to fortify cereals, snacks, bakery, dairy and non-dairy products.
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Omya natural calcium carbonate is one of the highest elemental calcium sources.

For premium calcium fortification, for example for bone health and rehydration complexes, our functionalized calcium carbonate combines a high content of elemental calcium with excellent availability. 

Our natural calcium carbonates also provide excellent technological functionalities in fortified foods in a sustainable way.

The benefits of calcium carbonate as a calcium sources

  • High elementary calcium content 
  • Compatible with common stabilizers 
  • Meets specific formulation needs by providing the right particle properties 
  • Slow sedimentation rate 
  • Natural source of calcium

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information. 

Food and beverage applications

Omya natural calcium carbonate products add value in a range of food and beverage applications, both for product fortification and technological functionalities.


Omya calcium carbonate, with its high elementary calcium content, can be used as a calcium source for calcium fortification in different snacks and cereals.

Cereal bars with chocolate and nuts


Omya’s broad range of high-purity natural calcium carbonates are an excellent choice for fortifying dairy and non-dairy drinks.


Specifically selected particle sizes and surface properties allow for slower sedimentation and easy re-dispersion.

5 glasses of milk


Omya minerals improve the performance of baked goods. Health benefits include increased calcium content, reduced acrylamide and less powder caking.


Their properties can also be tailored to simplify production processes and improve the formulations of baked products such as bread, tortilla and cake.

Muffins with chocolate chips

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