Flexible Packaging & Specialties

Improve functionality, replace plastic and enhance sustainability

With tougher regulation and pressure from consumers to reduce carbon footprints, the flexible packaging market is increasingly looking for efficient, sustainable solutions. Omya partners with packaging producers and brand owners to develop products that deliver the required functionality using natural minerals and functional coatings. 

Functional Coatings

Omya produces functional coatings, including varnishes, for curtain coating and printing applications. Our products improve printability, runability and barrier properties of a large range of different paper and board packaging substrates. 

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Molded Fiber

As the market moves to replace single-use plastics, molded fiber products have gained ground as an environmentally friendly alternative.


When used in molded fiber production, Omya mineral fillers increase machine runnability or efficiency through lower energy consumption, faster drainage, and reduced chemical cost.


They also improve molded fiber quality by enhancing surface properties and printing performance. 

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