On-site solutions

Customize your calcium carbonate materials with on-site production.

For customers committed to a long-term partnership, Omya provides on-site calcium carbonate production using a satellite plant on your premises. This enables high quality, cost-efficient production of calcium carbonate fillers or coating materials tailormade to your requirements.

Our production plant on your premises

Omya will design, build, own and operate the on-site production plant, allowing you to focus on your core business whilst we take care of your calcium carbonate raw materials. 


We use either ground or precipitated calcium carbonate (GCC or PCC) to produce customized products to suit your process.

On-premise solutions

Technical support for tailormade calcium carbonate

Our technical specialists will analyze your manufacturing process and advise on the best calcium carbonate products. 

Our global raw material sourcing ensures reliable, consistent supply and our decades of experience in calcium carbonate processing delivers.

Cost effective, efficient supply of calcium carbonate

Producing calcium carbonate on-site saves both time and money for our customers. 


The distance from production to consumption is minimal, allowing just-in-time product availability, which minimizes working capital tied up in stock.

Omya On-site Solution

On-site or near-site options

On-site plants provide dedicated production of calcium carbonate for a single customer. 


We also offer near-site plants, which provide specific coating or filler pigments to several closely located paper and board production sites. 


This creates economies of scale for a coalition of companies and is expandable as consumption increases over time.

Omya on-site or near-site solutions

Omya On-site advantages

  • Tailormade calcium carbonate materials to suit your needs and maximize profitability
  • Cost-efficient production with no capital expenditure
  • Minimal use of working capital through just-in-time production
  • Reliable, guaranteed long-term supply