Omya Neutrasorb 

Efficient pH adjustment for industrial wastewater neutralization 

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Replace caustic soda and burnt lime for greater safety, efficiency and sustainability. 

Omya Neutrasorb is a highly reactive calcium carbonate product, available as powder or slurry, which neutralizes acidic wastewaters quickly and efficiently.  

The benefits of Omya Neutrasorb 


  • Highly reactive for fast neutralization 

  • Safe to handle and use, with no risk of overdosing 

  • Lower carbon footprint than other alkaline products 

  • Reduced plant maintenance costs 

  • Available as fine powder or high solids slurry 

  • Use half as much by weight as 30% caustic soda. 

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or email for more information.

Your questions answered

Omya Neutrasorb is made from calcium carbonate of extremely high purity, ground to very fine particles with a porous, microcrystalline structure. 


The increased surface area and porosity results in high reactivity and faster neutralization. Omya Neutrasorb is the most efficient solution for the neutralization of acidic wastewater.   

Omya Neutrasorb slurries are high solids (≈ 75%) stabilized slurries that are suitable for direct dosing into acidic waste streams. 


This allows for faster implementation of proof-of-concept trials or full-scale deployment with a minimum of investment to realize cost and environmental savings sooner. 

Omya Neutrasorb is safer for operators than caustic soda or burnt lime as it is made from natural minerals. It has no UN transport and storage classification and requires no special handling. 


Omya Neutrasorb is a natural buffering agent which maintains a safe pH between 6 and 8, providing stability in the treatment process and eliminating the possibility of overdosing. 


Switching to Omya Neutrasorb greatly reduces the risk profile for both operators and operations. 

The high-solids Omya Neutrasorb slurries are perfect for systems currently using caustic soda solutions.


In many cases, much of the same infrastructure can be used, allowing treatment plant operators to immediately benefit from an increased neutralization capacity, a non-hazardous product, and reduced temperature sensitivity when compared with caustic soda. 

Omya Neutrasorb powder can be used as a direct replacement for powdered calcium hydroxide used for acid neutralization. 


It has higher purity which speeds up reaction times, and it is easier to handle, which reduces costs and operational issues or maintenance. 


Hygroscopic lime is well known for clogging pipes and bridging in storage silos, which will not happen with Omya Neutrasorb. 

Omya Neutrasorb is a highly cost-effective and efficient solution for neutralization which has lower consumable costs than burnt lime or caustic soda. 


Its non-hygroscopic properties and scale-free process operation reduce process down-time and maintenance costs.  


In biological treatment, the introduction of dissolved calcium ions results in improved flocculation with larger, denser flocs and reduced chemical consumption for dewatering and sludge treatment. 


The use of Omya Neutrasorb also allows higher value gypsum recovery because of its purity and whiteness. 

Omya Neutrasorb is a naturally occurring product which offers significant reduction in carbon footprint compared with industry alternatives such as lime or caustic soda produced by calcination or electrolysis. 


Omya Neutrasorb has a carbon footprint that is 10 to 20 times less than quicklime or caustic soda. 


By switching from lime or caustic soda to Omya Neutrasorb, Omya helps customers achieve their sustainability targets and move towards carbon neutrality.  

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