Engineered, eco-friendly matting solutions for water-based paints

Matting in paint industry and associated challenges

Matting has become a prominent trend in the world of paints and coatings. This involves reducing gloss to achieve a matt finish, creating a stylish and contemporary look and adding a touch of elegance to wide range of surfaces. 


Mineral fillers influence the gloss of the surface, and the challenge is to find the right functional filler offering the highest flexibility without facing too much of a trade-off in terms of performance parameters, sustainability, or health and safety aspects in the intended application.


Benefits of Omyamatt

  • High matting efficiency
  • Whiteness, low yellowness index 
  • Opacity enhancement when used with UFGCC
  • Eco-friendly alternative thanks to low carbon footprint 
  • Harmless to health (non-silica based)​
  • Enables end product classification as non-harmful 
  • High-quality consistency / supply reliability
  • Outstanding bulk flow for easy handling​ 

Omyamatt performance as a matting agent in decorative paints

Omyamatt has highly optimized and unique properties in terms of particle size, porosity and particle structure. The product is obtained via a patented process starting from a natural calcium carbonate. It offers excellent matting efficiency while supporting opacity. Omyamatt presents excellent whiteness,  low yellowness index and a high quality consistency. 

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Carefree with Omyamatt

Omyamatt is a non-silica based matting solution, which is important for health and safety. With no concerns about crystalline silica, it protects workers’ health. It enables the final  paint formulations to be classified as non-harmful. 

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Learn more about Omya’s commitment to sustainability

Learn more about Omya’s commitment to sustainability. At Omya, sustainability is the key to future success and the foundation of our offerings for the Construction world, since for us there is no innovation without the commitment to help build a more sustainable world.

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Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development. With technical laboratories at our headquarters and dedicated regional technical service hubs in different regions, Omya offers laboratory analysis, reformulation support, and implementation assistance to customers worldwide.

Partnership with Omya

Omyamatt is easy to handle. It has outstanding powder flow characteristics, facilitating and speeding up dry handling.


Low energy is needed for dispersing purposes. Omyamatt is non-silica based making paint production safer.


Its quality consistency and high and constant whiteness facilitate formulation. Omya’s technical service team offers comprehensive expertise to support Omyamatt introduction and optimization of customer formulations. 

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Worldwide reliability

Omyamatt is offered with supply reliability and sourcing advantages as it comes from dedicated and continuous production. Omyamatt ensures logistics and a strong supply chain. Regional warehouses are available all around the world.

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