Mineral Fillers for Graphic Paper

Improve paper performance and optimize manufacturing costs with Omya mineral fillers

Mineral fillers have a positive impact on drainage, brightness, and opacity of paper. Additionally, they help to optimize manufacturing cost if used as a fiber replacement at increased loadings.

Omya offers mineral fillers made of both ground and precipitated calcium carbonate as well as complementary pigments and additives for paper production.

Improve opacity

Opacity is crucial for superior print quality and readability in graphic papers.


Omya mineral fillers enhance the opacity of graphic paper by increasing light scattering.


Our portfolio covers all requirements from standard to high-performance light scattering to support modern paper design and deliver cost savings to our customers.

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Enhance brightness

To meet specific brightness needs in graphic paper, our customers can choose from fillers made of marble, limestone, or chalk grades.


Our technical experts will help you select the right product to suit your process and application performance requirements.

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Manage Bulk

Omya’s precipitated calcium carbonate mineral fillers enhance bulk in graphic papers by introducing spaces between cellulose fibers, preventing them from packing tightly and increasing sheet thickness relative to weight.


The filler's particle size and shape contribute to this effect, allowing for lighter, thicker sheets whilst using less fiber, thus optimizing material use and cost-efficiency.


Omya also creates tailormade PCC products and our dedicated team will assess the viability of an on-site plant at your location.


Optimize costs

Omya’s mineral fillers allow the substitution of more expensive wood pulp, requiring less energy and water during processing.


Their contribution to paper bulk means less raw material is needed for the desired paper thickness and opacity, optimizing resource use.


Additionally, in mills that are integrated or run a deinking process, the need for expensive optical brightening agents is reduced when bright Omya mineral fillers are used.

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Omya offers ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC). GCC is obtained by grinding natural limestone, marble or chalk and creating either a dry powder or a slurry.


PCC is synthetically processed from high purity calcium carbonates and has different shapes and particle sizes which impact the paper's properties.

Yes, Omya’s mineral fillers are compatible with recycled fiber and are often used in recycled paper products.


They can improve the brightness of recycled paper, which often loses brightness during the recycling process.

Both kaolin (clay) and calcium carbonate are often used as fillers. Omya’s calcium carbonate fillers provide higher brightness and opacity compared with kaolin.

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Dedicated to paper and board, Omya on-site concepts utilize the attributes of GCC and PCC to manufacture directly on our customer's premises in a satellite plant.

Our product family

Omya Multifill

A range of fillers to enhance productivity and profitability in all grades of papermaking, reducing dependence on fiber to improve machine performance and save costs.

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High brightness ground calcium carbonate products with global availability

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Omya Syncarb

High brightness precipitated calcium carbonate available in a range of particle forms to maintain bulk.

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High brightness ground calcium carbonate for high opacity.

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