Water de-hardening

Get the best out of your softening facilities by replacing commodity lime or caustic soda in drinking water plants or in various industrial dehardening processes.

Optimize water softening operations with natural mineral solutions

Excessive hardness in potable or process water can lead to calcium scale in homes or appliances or within process equipment. It also results in increased or ineffective use of soaps and detergents which ultimately impacts the environment. 

Fast decarbonization

Used within fast decarbonization reactors or pelletized reactors, our products improve the water softening process and allow better valorization of byproducts. 

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Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

Type of industries

Omya works with a wide range of industries to optimize water treatment processes, sustainability and cost.

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Water treatment consultancies

Omya offers consultancy and technical support to customers, from the assessment of site-specific issues to the recommendation and implementation of proven solutions.
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