Polyolefin Recycling

Achieve better results while reducing costs with calcium carbonate.

Use of calcium carbonate in polyolefin recycling allows the use of a wider range of recycled feedstocks. Additionally, it improves mechanical properties that could usually not be achieved with conventional recycled polyolefin feedstocks. Overall, use of calcium carbonate will result in a lower recycling cost and a lower carbon footprint, allowing producers to hit sustainability targets more easily.

Improve performance in mechanical recycling

Omya has developed a new grade of calcium carbonate to boost the mechanical properties of recycled resins. Omyaloop MIX, developed with our proprietary technology, features an ultra-fine particle size distribution and a fine-tuned coating. It can be added directly during compounding or as a masterbatch during processing, reducing downcycling and enhancing the final product performance.

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Enhance mechanical performance of recycled polyolefin blends

The challenge of recycling polyolefin blends is separating similarly dense plastics. Usually, a minimum of 5% PP is present in 95% of PE. This cross-contamination of PP and PE leads to poor final mechanical performance of recycled Polyolefin blends. Omyaloop MIX is specifically developed to improve the recycling process, improving consistency and providing higher flexibility on the feedstock variations. 

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  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Total recycling cost reduction
  • Improves the recycling process consistency
  • Provides higher flexibility on the feedstock variations
  • Food contact approved according to EU 10/2011

Talk to an Expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate compounds can support you in masterbatch production, you can speak to our expert team.

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Improve carbon footprint as well as the recycling process

Omyaloop MIX enables you to use a broader range of feedstocks, improving flexibility during the process as well as reducing carbon footprint.