Dry Mortar

Improve final product characteristics and reduce carbon footprint with Omya mineral additives.

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Omya offers a broad range of products and expertise for the wide array of dry mortar applications including facades, tiling, flooring, and technical mortars.


Omya's range of mineral plasticizers and mineral accelerators, which are based on high purity ground calcium carbonate (>95%), adds value by focusing on improved final product characteristics.

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Optimized formulations

To help customers select the right mineral additive for their application, Omya developed a series of performance evaluation methods, the LG methods. These enable the creation of formulations that deliver the following benefits:

  • Packing, flow behavior and resistance to segregation in self-leveling systems
  • Flow behavior, additive correction and strength in self-leveling systems
  • Flow behavior and mineral activity in mortar 
  • Pigment evaluation and flow behavior in self-leveling systems
  • Reduced risk of discoloration  
light hall with stairs and windows

Omya products for dry mortar applications

Betocarb HP

Mineral plasticizer to enhance the powder content and stability of fluid, self-leveling screed and SCC

Betocarb F

Mineral plasticizer fine ground calcium carbonate to improve fine particle packing and early age strength

Betocarb UF

Ultra fine GCC acting as a mineral accelerator (nucleation sites, high solubility)

Betoflow D

Mineral plasticizer produced from selected high purity raw materials of extreme fineness (d50<3μm) with excellent dispersibility. Dedicated to SCC, 3D printing and UHPC, Betoflow D acts as a fine content enhancer for better flowability and viscosity reduction.

Due to its high compatibility with chemicals, Betoflow D contributes to higher compactness, higher early strength and lower water requirement of the fine powders and pigments.

Talk to an expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate compounds can support you in dry mortar products production, you can speak to our expert team.

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Your questions answered

The choice of materials is central: local supplementary cementitious materials, the new green cement or free-clinker binder are the right choice. To help increase performance, you can choose our Betocarb or Betoflow product lines for a sustainable mineral solution. 

Omya fillers, depending on their fineness and type, influence the early-age (i.e. 8 h with heat treatment), 28 days’ strength and workability and reduce the mixing water of the formulation leading to higher efficiency of superplasticizers. 

A filler is needed to minimize the clinker to cement ratio and maintain concrete handling performance and productivity.  Specific follow-up trials carried out in our and customers’ labs after the addition of fillers/commodity materials have proven that ground calcium carbonates of high purity and quality help the engineer to stabilize the quality of the formulation. 

First, it’s important to check that the content is not higher than the value given by the current standards. Then, you should focus on decreasing the level of strength, avoiding higher levels if not needed in your projects, and consider a new formulation. Once you have selected your components and optimized your binder/superplasticizer couple, Omya Mineral plasticizer and/or accelerators  can help you consolidate the desired result.  

Omya mineral plasticizer improves flow, resistance to segregation and viscosity and increases the compatibility with additives and admixtures used in the mix. Our mineral accelerator speeds up the compressive strength development. Our products are aligned with CE marking requirements and have an Environmental Product Declaration.  From some plants, the quality of the raw material and fineness of the mineral additive boost the whiteness of cement-based systems. 

Mineral additives with low carbon footprint

In collaboration with the Calcium Carbonate Association of Europe, Omya has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our range of mineral plasticizers and mineral accelerators. 


The carbon footprint of our products depends on their fineness, which ranges from 44 to 56 kg emitted per ton. 


Omya’s mineral additives can therefore lower the carbon footprint of your dry mortar application considerably compared with formulations without Omya mineral additives.

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