Caustic soda replacement

Save money, improve operator safety, and reduce the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment by replacing caustic soda with mineral solutions.

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Our natural minerals offer a direct replacement for caustic soda in wastewater treatment

Caustic soda is widely used in wastewater treatment for pH adjustment and chemical precipitation. It provides an instant neutralizing reaction, but it can be dangerous for people working with it and can also harm the treatment process and the environment.

Our natural mineral solutions are just as efficient and effective as caustic soda, but without the associated risks. Available as powder or slurries, Omya products are safer, more cost effective and more sustainable.

Improved safety 

Our natural mineral products offer a safer alternative for wastewater treatment than caustic soda.


Unlike caustic soda, which is highly corrosive, they are not classed as a dangerous good under the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.


This means they are safer to handle, store and dose, reducing risk to operators and making it easier for customers and distributors to transfer or repack. 

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More cost-effective 

Caustic soda is subject to commodity pricing, with unpredictable cost and availability, unlike Omya products which have stable pricing and global availability.


Our products also improve the cost efficiency of the treatment process, with reduced sludge volumes and lower contamination levels. 

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Lower carbon footprint 

Caustic soda is energy-intensive to produce, unlike Omya’s natural mineral products, which do not require chemical production and therefore have a much lower carbon footprint.  

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information.

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Omya works with a wide range of industries to optimize water treatment processes, sustainability and cost.

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Omya offers consultancy and technical support to customers, from the assessment of site-specific issues to the recommendation and implementation of proven solutions.
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