Tailormade mineralization for drinking and process water applications.

Mineralization and pH adjustment to achieve international drinking water standards

Omyaqua has been especially developed for drinking and process water applications, including the remineralization of desalinated water and is certified to DIN EN-1018. 


For mineralization and pH adjustment Omyaqua strikes a balance between reactivity and durability. Its unique physical characteristics, including porosity and particle size, result in the best dissolution performance.  

The benefits of Omyaqua 

  • Broad product range 

  • High purity 

  • Compliant with EN-1018 

  • Long term availability  

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or email for more information.

Your questions answered

There are five key considerations when choosing a remineralization product for drinking water: reactivity, composition, turbidity, durability and regulatory requirements.


Omyaqua strikes a good balance between reactivity and durability, making it an ideal choice for remineralization and pH adjustment. 

Waters sourced from granite, basalt or sandstone regions tend to be deficient in important minerals like calcium and magnesium. 


These minerals are important for human health, irrigation and water stabilization (maintaining the calcocarbonic equilibrium). 

Omyaqua is a low-cost, economic solution which provides alkalinity and buffers the pH of the drinking water, whilst adding essential minerals to protect infrastructure and health. 

If water has a low mineral content (< 80 ppm as CaCO3), it is referred to as soft water, and often presents with low alkalinity. 


The combination of a low pH and soft water results in the water having an aggressive and corrosive character. Soft or acidic water causes problems such as equipment corrosion, foaming of surfactants and staining. 

Omyaqua grains are used in calcite contactors to provide a simple, cost-effective solution for neutralization.  

Reverse osmosis permeate from desalination processes is lacking in mineral content and has low alkalinity. 


As a result, it is extremely corrosive to water distribution infrastructure and can be detrimental to human health. 


Remineralization or stabilization is therefore a necessary step to achieve a buffered and stable final water quality. 

The Omyaqua range includes Omyaqua, Omyaqua Boost, Omyaqua Pure, Omyaqua Dol, and Semidol. 

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