Biopolymer masterbatch

Modify biopolymers with calcium carbonate to be closer to the costs and performance of conventional polymers.

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Improve the performance of biopolymers whilst reducing costs

Interest in biopolymers is growing within the polymer industry, but they remain significantly more expensive than conventional polymers.


Omya calcium carbonate is proven to bring the performance and cost of biopolymers closer to that of other existing polymer solutions.


By adding calcium carbonate, biopolymers benefit from improved stiffness, elongation, opacity and impact resistance, whilst formulation costs are reduced.


Products such as Omyacarb T and Omya Smartfill offer an innovative solution to improve masterbatches and compounds.

The impact of Omyacarb and Omya Smartfill on biopolymers

For PBAT and starch blends, Omyacarb T improves properties such as stiffness and tear resistance at an overall lower production cost.


Omya Smartfill makes polylactic acid (PLA) based products not only less expensive to produce but also improves their performance by increasing stiffness and elongation of PLA and making it more ductile.


This opens new opportunities for these masterbatches, making biopolymers suitable for a range of new packaging and product solutions, that, without the addition of calcium carbonate, may not have been possible.

Advanced formula in calcium carbonate avoids hydrolyses

Polylactic acid (PLA) and Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are hydrolysis-sensitive polymers that degrade in extrusion with conventional calcium carbonate.


Omya’s technical team has modified the calcium carbonate to make it usable, preventing degradation during the extrusion process.


Omya Smartfill technology prevents hydrolysis, making it suitable for all polymers that are hydrolyzing with conventional calcium carbonate in extrusion.


  • Increases stiffness and elongation
  • Increases impact resistance
  • Increases opacity
  • Reduces formulation costs
  • Improves heat transfer (heating /cooling)

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