Plastic building materials 

A broad range of solutions for construction and building materials, optimizing cost and final product properties. 

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Omya’s fine-tuned calcium carbonate grades are widely used in profiles, pipes, flooring, artificial marble, foaming, breathable roofing membranes and rotomolding. 

They allow high mineral loading, optimizing the production process and providing improved surface quality, ageing and weathering resistance.


Refined calcium carbonate grades for high-quality PVC profiles with an excellent cost-performance ratio.
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Omya supplies a broad range of calcium carbonate grades, including our Omyacarb product family, for flooring applications, providing an excellent balance of cost optimization and final flooring tile properties.
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Omya's solutions for pipe manufacturing improve product quality, exceed limitations in mineral loading and increase production efficiency.


Calcium carbonate solutions such as Omyacarb, Omyalene, and Direct Addition are designed to help customers optimize their formulations and improve profitability.

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Omya's solutions offer customers a significant edge in foaming applications for building materials.


Our Omyafoam grades are designed to optimize the production process and enhance the final product quality.


Omya's innovative products can be added at higher load thus enhancing foam nucleation, reducing foam density and improving cost efficiency.

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Breathable film

Omya specialists help producers select the right product to achieve the best dispersion for homogeneous pore size distribution and high breathability, as well as the highest possible addition rates for high profitability.
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Omya calcium carbonates are used in rotomolding to produce industrial articles, containers and technical parts. They offer substantial performance and cost benefits, as well as significant carbon footprint reductions.
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Talk to an expert

If you would like some advice about how Omya’s calcium carbonate compounds can support you in masterbatch production, you can speak to our expert team.

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Carbon footprint reductions for building materials

Replacing polymers with calcium carbonate filler significantly reduces carbon footprint whilst also improving material properties.


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  • Plastic building materials

    A broad range of solutions for construction and building materials, optimizing cost and final product properties.