Omyanutra 300

A porous compactable excipient composed of calcium carbonate and tribasic calcium phosphate, which offers outstanding performance as a glidant for powder blends.
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Omyanutra 300 is a porous compactable excipient made from calcium carbonate and tribasic calcium phosphate.  

The uniqueness of this mineral is not in its composition but its lamellar structure, which allows for higher moisture absorption capacity than other forms of its constituent minerals. Because of this, Omyanutra 300 performs as an outstanding glidant for powder blends. 

Omyanutra 300 particles reduce cohesivity and other interparticle interactions while absorbing moisture, improving the flow and preventing caking of powder blends.

Benefits of Omyanutra 300

  • Unique mineral composition
  • Non-nano
  • High porosity
  • Brittle material with plastic behaviour
  • Improves flow and prevents caking
  • Improves tablet compactability and mechanical stability

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or contact us for more information. 

Nutraceutical applications

Omyanutra 300 improves and enhances formulations for tablets, capsules, stick packs and powder blends for nutra applications.


By optimizing the physical characteristics of the formulation, they contribute to the flowability, compactability, and disintegration properties of the dosage form, ensuring uniformity and consistency in manufacturing processes.


Omyanutra 300 is a non-nano porous ingredient for nutra blends to prevent caking and improve flow, which is key for weight uniformity and consistency during the tableting process.


It also improves compactability and disintegration of tablets and produces less dust than alternative products.

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