Natural and renewable ingredients for pet care

Omya offers mineral solutions to enhance the health and wellbeing of pets.


Pet care

Improve Health and Wellbeing of Pets

Due to its nutritional value, Omya Natural Calcium Carbonate contributes to the health and wellbeing of pets while at the same time being an ecologically friendly solution for applications in pet care.

Pet Food

Calcium provides many health benefits including bone building, teeth remineralization, muscular growth, and normal blood clotting.


Regular intake of calcium is important for all mammals. Omya high-purity Natural Calcium Carbonates are the preferred calcium source for pet nutrition.

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Pet Care

Thanks to its specific composition Calcium Carbonate is a perfect tool to enhance the wellbeing of pets, starting from the litter all the way to enhanced functionalized food.


Complementary Solutions

In addition to our wide range of minerals, Omya offers a variety of specialty ingredients for pet care applications allowing for valuable synergestic effects:

  • Flavor enhancers

  • Hydrocolloids / rheology modifiers

  • Vitamins

  • Amnio acids
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