Omya Neutralcarb 

Neutralize strongly acidic streams with excellent absolute and relative qualities to control operating processes and valorize by-products.

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Balance cost and performance in the neutralization of strongly acidic streams

Omya Neutralcarb is a cost-effective calcium carbonate dry product which increases the pH value of very acidic water or mineral sludges. 


Its purity and quality properties allow reliable process control and the valorization of higher quality by-products such as gypsum from acidic streams containing high sulfate loads. Omya Neutralcarb is also an effective solution for the remediation of acidic watercourses. 

Omya Neutralcarb can be used in combination with Omya Neutrasorb to reach pH close to neutral, allowing an environmentally friendly, safer and more cost effective overall neutralization process. 

The benefits of Omya Neutralcarb

  • Cost effective fine calcium carbonate for effective neutralization (pH 0 to 4) 

  • Excellent absolute and relative qualities 

  • Better control of by-products’ quality 

  • Safe to handle and use  

  • Available as fine powder in bulk or big bags 

  • Optimized supply chain solutions including safety stocks. 

  • Possibility to secure sourcing with several manufacturing sites 

Not all products are registered for use in all markets. Check with your local Omya representative or email for more information.

Your questions answered

Omya Neutralacarb is manufactured from Omya’s high-quality stones combined with our best in class milling technologies and is the reference in terms of absolute and relative qualities.


Most comparable products do not have the same purity and particle size control, generating issues for process control, impurities in neutralized water, and variations in by-products' generation. 

Omya has a unique global footprint, with sites in all regions. Combined with our supply chain network, this makes Omya a leading worldwide supplier of calcium carbonates. 

Omya has exhaustive experience in gypsum valorization due to our expertise in wet scrubbing systems using calcium carbonate for desulfurization in industrial air treatment. 


Omya’s market presence in construction and agriculture gives us direct access to downstream stakeholders to support our customers in adapting their process to use our products for better valorization. 

Omya Neutralcarb can be used in remediation operations with mineral sludges for stabilization, environmental clean-up, site restoration and hazardous waste clean-up. 

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