Pharma & Nutra

Omya offers innovative products and solutions to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations.

  • High-purity natural calcium source
  • Grades for direct compression
  • High drug-loading capability
  • Dissolution enhancement
  • High mechanical strength & fast disintegration for ODTs


Multifunctional Excipient Platform - Omyapharm®

Omyapharm® is a CPhI award winning excipient platform for oral solid dosage forms, based on Omya's structured minerals portfolio. Indeed, Omya ensures full regulatory compliance of all its products.


Wet and Dry granulation
Omya mineral excipients drastically reduce the amount of binder needed or avoid it altogether and thus significantly improve wet and dry granulation processes.

Fast disintegration and ODTs
Omyapharm® structured minerals produce granules and tablets that combine high mechanical strength and fast disintegration.

Direct compressibility
Omyapharm® structured minerals enable high tensile strength tablets at lower compressive pressures compared to other excipients.

Carrier and enhanced drug dissolution
Omyapharm® products offer a high drug loading capability and help to improve drug dissolution.

Hot melt extrusion
The use of hot-melt extrusion within the pharmaceutical industry is steadily increasing due to its proven ability to efficiently manufacture novel products. Omya offers performing products to this type of application.


Natural Calcium Carbonate -
Active ingredients

Osteoporosis and calcium supplementation
Omya Calcium Carbonate is a high-purity calcium source with 40% of bioavailable calcium. This makes it a sought-after ingredient for calcium supplementation formulas to treat e.g. osteoporosis, a significant public health issue in today's aging populations.

Omya high-purity Calcium Carbonates are used as active ingredient for neutralizing stomach acid in many antacid formulations currently on the market.