Fiber Based Packaging

​The application of mineral fillers into paper and board is one of Omya's core competencies. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we are able to meet our customer's needs and help them to thrive in the future

With the help of the latest techniques and methods, we strive to support you in the development of the most cost-effective paper or board product that meets the requirements of your final manufactured product.

Calcium carbonate (GCC, PCC and MCC) is the most important inorganic pigment for most of today's paper and board grades. To a lesser extent, other inorganic pigments such as clay, talc, silica and others are also used. These pigments are retained within the paper structure with the help of synthetic or natural retention systems

Increasing the mineral loading in paper or board products, Omya's Calcium carbonate helps to save fibers. This can lead to a faster dewatering of the web in the forming and pressing sections of the paper machine, resulting in improved drying which could lower production costs or increase production capacity.

Calcium carbonate combined with functional additives and/or polymers providing a new level of performance for packaging applications. Omya's taylor-made solutions meet the special requirements of our customers worldwide.

The coating of paper and board grades in order to create added value to the product is another one of Omya's core competencies. Omya is globally recognized as knowledgeable and professional coating application expert in the paper and board industry. Omya uses the latest techniques and methods to support the development of the most cost-effective, highest-performance coating formulations to meet the customer's manufacturing and quality requirements.

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