Omya Multifill®

Roadmap to higher mineral contents in paper

Omya Multifill® is not simply a product but a versatile concept to optimize paper – in quality, performance and cost. With the expertise and know-how of our technicians as well as the various analytical services we can provide Omya Multifill® helps paper makers formulate raw materials in a cost efficient way, optimize production processes and gain customer recognition. 

​Filler Wet End Optimization

The first step of the Omya Multifill® concept is a comprehensive wet end survey to ensure the actual filler type and accompanying chemistry are properly adjusted to the productive conditions and the paper grade. Alternative filler grades with different pigment characteristics in terms of morphology, particle size distribution or surface area may be recommended to match customer needs. Retention systems, crucial for sheet formation, and sizing efficiency are checked and optimized as well. Thanks to the wide experience and process expertise of the Omya specialists, filler levels can often be increased by a few percent without any drawbacks on production process or paper quality.


Surface Filling

Surface Filling (SF) technology enables paper makers to replace costly fibers with extra filler, through a size press, a metering size press or gate rolls. Existing starch formulations can be integrated into the concept to embed the filler in the fiber matrix. The additional pigments do not interfere with established hydrogen bonds, responsible for strength properties; they penetrate through the surface into the sheet and fill the voids between the fiber matrix. The starch applied lowers dusting and may provide extra strength in z-direction.

Strength Enhancement

Strength Enhancing products offered by Omya provide the option to increase the filler load of paper and board products. Conventional cationic wet-end starch is replaced with a high-performance bio-polymer. No negative effect on wet-end chemistry and paper machine runnability are expected. Substituting expensive virgin fibers by higher filler loads will lead to significant cost savings.

PCC Pre-Flocculation

Omyaload® PF Pre-Flocculation is a process step in on-site PCC production, forming conglomerates to be embedded in the fiber matrix. Omyaload® PF conglomerates have less impact on the forming of hydrogen bonds than singularized and widely scattered particles. As a result, paper strength properties are improved at identical filler levels. In addition, Omyaload® PF conglomerates, being better embedded, reduce paper dusting.

PCC conglomerate embedded in fiber matrix

FiberLean® MFC

FiberLean® MFC is a composite material produced by co-grinding cellulose fibers with minerals, whereby the calcium carbonate pigments act as grinding media and make hydroxyl groups accessible. The MFC composite has a large surface area which allows the formation of more hydrogen bonds within the web and gives natural strength to the paper.

Micro Fibrillated Cellulose (MFC)

What benefits can Omya Mult​ifill® concept provide?

Omya Multifill® is an integral but flexible concept to optimize paper in quality, performance and cost. It enables more independent raw material procurement, optimizes production processes, increases productivity and enhances profitability. Paper producers may benefit from:

        • Cost savings through replacement of fibers by mineral
        • Cost savings through reduced energy demand, favored by easier dewatering & drying at higher filler loads
        • Enhanced runability through better wet strength properties
        • Improved paper properties (physical and optical)
        • Upgraded paper quality facilitating finishing, printing & further processing
        • Creation of specific paper characteristics, opening new markets
        • Improved competitiveness


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