Boosting Opacity with ChameleoBoost™

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In general terms, opacity can be described as the ability of a substance or mixture to hide a substrate. A typical example would be a coating film covering a given surface such as a wall. This simple phenomenon is actually the result of a rather complex interplay of various components and parameters. In industry, opacity is often referred to using other terms such as contrast ratio or hiding power. Whatever term is used, the common functionality they describe is the ability of an applied optical layer to hide what is underneath.



ChameleoBoost™ by Omya offers a unique solution for boosting opacity while optimizing formulation cost. ChameleoBoost™ will either enhance coating performance (e.g. opacity) at equal formulation cost or reduce formulation cost (e.g. partial substitution of titanium dioxide) while maintaining performance level of the coating film. Any combination of the two is of course possible as well.



Key factors influencing opacity of a coating film are:

    • Amount and type of titanium dioxide
    • Volume and type of mineral filler varying in composition, particle size and shape
    • Pigment volume concentration
    • Spreading rate
    • Film porosity 

ChameleoBoost™ by Omya allows for the optimal adjustment of coating opacity while keeping formulation cost to a minimum through the use of qualified functional mineral fillers. The offering consists of:

​Powder products
​Omyabrite® 1300 X
Omyacarb® Extra
​Slurry products

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ChameleoBoost™ by Omya offers functional mineral fillers combined with formulation expertise for a large application field covering the entire PVC range of decorative paints for matt as well as glossy paint systems. 

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