Removal of SO2, SO3, Hg and acid gases

  • Coal combustion releases contaminants which must be removed from the flue gas stream. The injection of finely ground calcium carbonate into the flue gas stream has proven to be an effective means of capturing these contaminants with low capital expenditure
  • The application of fine ground slurry directly onto the coal captures SO3 and also improves the slagging tendency of some coals


  • We offer different grades from various sources to provide our customers with the most appropriate solution – including changes in product fineness of d50 % from 0.7 to 5 µm, slurry or dry products and packaging as required


  • In commercial demonstrations, the injection of fine GCC reduced SO2 levels by 50 %. In pilot demonstrations, capture rates in excess of 80 % were seen
  • At numerous sites, the application of GCC slurry to the coal has improved the slagging potential. This enables the burning of troublesome fuels, which was not possible in the past

Calcium carbonate for desulfurization


The Desulfocarb product family has numerous qualities associated with ground calcium carbonates (GCC) based on chalk, limestone or marble. The product is available in different particle sizes or mineral compositions.

The Desulfocarb grades are available as slurries or dry products. They are delivered in bulk (dry and slurry) by container and packaged in large bags or paper bags.

Injection into coal-fired furnaces to capture contaminants such as SOx, HCl and Hg. Application rate of 1 to 2 tons of CaCO3 per ton of sulfur in the fuel.


Support Processes
Waste Management, Effluent
Treatment, Desulfurization

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