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Omya offers an extensive range of standard and specialty grades of Calcium Carbonate with different particle sizes and optical values for various coatings applications:

Calcium Carbonate is considered a functional filler due to its ability to enhance coatings performance. The filler selection can significantly influence decorative paints such as opacity, brightness, reflectance, workability and more. Our products contribute to functionality and cost savings in the formulation.


​​​​Industrial coatings are primarily used for protection against potentially adverse environmental conditions and representing attractive, valuable surfaces. They are typically formulated below critical pigment volume concentration and lower filler level. However, the selection of filler is still of great importance because of the potential impact on gloss, viscosity and durability. Besides its wide use in primers, Calcium Carbonate has become a suitable component in top coats, where high gloss and good gloss retention as well as low haze are required.

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