ChameleoBoost Technology

Unique technology to optimize opacity, balance formulation cost and reduce carbon footprint.

Omya’s ChameleoBoost Technology offers paint and coatings manufacturers a unique way to manage the balance between formulation cost and performance, whilst reducing carbon footprint.

Customers can enhance opacity at equal or reduced formulation cost, whilst maintaining paint properties both above and below critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC).

Alternatively, the partial substitution of titanium dioxide with ChameleoBoost will reduce formulation costs without detriment to performance.

Boost your formulation with Omya calcium carbonate 

Have you transformed your formulation yet?

Discover how ChameleoBoost by Omya will optimize cost and performance as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your paint formulation.

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Our technical expertise always at your side

Why is opacity in paints important?

Opacity (hiding power or contrast ratio) in paint refers to its ability to cover underlying surfaces or colors. High opacity ensures effective coverage, requiring fewer coats and saving time. 

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Costs and carbon footprint: try the ChameloBoost innovation

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is one of the most effective opacifiers and is widely used in many coatings applications.


However, although it provides outstanding opacity and high brightness, TiO2 is also a key contributor to cost and carbon footprint in many paint formulations.


Finding ways to reduce formulation cost and carbon footprint without compromising performance was a key driver in the development of Omya’s unique ChameleoBoost Technology.


Choose ChameleoBoost for your specific needs

Omya’s decades of experience in mineral chemistry and paint formulation, combined with our high-quality raw materials, led to the development of ChameleoBoost.


This unique technology uses innovative mineral fillers to boost performance, optimize cost and reduce carbon footprint of a wide variety of coatings formulations.

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Benefits of ChameleoBoost Technology

  • Enhanced coverage at equal or reduced formulation cost
  • Suitable for matt, semi-matt, semi-gloss and high gloss paint systems
  • Delivers high brightness and enhances titanium dioxide performance
  • Significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the coating formulation
  • Available as powder or slurry in a range of grades

A more sustainable paint manufacturing

ChameleoBoost Technology reduces the carbon footprint of a paint formulation while maintaining its key properties.


Omya’s functional fillers are mainly based on calcium carbonate, a natural mineral with low environmental impact. Paint producers can reduce the amount of white pigment, binder and other ingredients in the formulation, lowering the related carbon footprint and reducing the formulation cost.

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The freedom to transform your paint

ChameleoBoost Technology allows you to cover any substrate (black, white or painted) with fewer coating applications, giving you the freedom to change your environment according to your creativity.

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Select the right ChameleoBoost product for your formulation

Our technical team will help you select the most appropriate ChameleoBoost solution to achieve your paint specification.


Omyacarb Extra / Calcigloss

Ultrafine ground calcium carbonate (GCC) for water/solvent-based, interior/exterior paints.

Very fine particles boosting opacity and gloss while allowing effective TiO2 and binder optimization. Can be used in the full range of paint formulations. 



Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) for water-based semi-matt and matt paints.

The Omyawhite product family has outstanding brightness/whiteness and improves opacity in paint.


Ultrafine ground calcium carbonate (GCC) for the full range of paints.

The Omyacoat product family enables a reduction in titanium dioxide content without compromising opacity. It is easy to disperse and simplifies production.  



Water based ultrafine calcium carbonate slurry for a dust free production process.

Omyaflow is a stable slurry that can be added during paint manufacturing without a dispersion process, improving efficiency and lowering electricity consumption. 


Technical support

Partner with Omya for more efficiency in reformulations and faster go-to-market. Our FlexShuttle – High Throughput Experiment setup offers a faster and broader service to our customers, promoting digitalization, accelerating innovation and reducing the time to market.  


Benefit from the Omya HTE (High Throughput Experimentation) service for your new product development or reformulation needs.


What you can achieve with ChameleoBoost

  • Accelerate your time to market
  • Up to 100 samples per day
  • Develop or convert to sustainable formulations with less effort and human resources
  • 17 modules for formulation, application & characterization 
  • Reduce raw material consumption and waste
  • Optimize cost 


Omya technical support and expertise 

With technical laboratories at our headquarters in Switzerland, and dedicated regional technical service hubs throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, Omya offers laboratory analysis, reformulation support, and implementation assistance to customers worldwide to deliver comprehensive and sustainable solutions with improved performance.

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A trusted partner for global distribution

Omya partners with leading manufacturers of specialty materials to offer a full portfolio of pigments, binders and additives to customers worldwide.


We distribute engineered materials as well as specialty ingredients, supporting customers with technical advice and application development.  

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