Omya Flex

 Customized optimization solutions in mineral transportation, distribution, storage and processing.

Complete flexibility for your project with Omya Flex

Omya Flex is a customized calcium carbonate powder handling solution  that can be tailored to any need for a wide range of Omya products. Both vertical and horizontal silos are available for Omya Flex projects, enabling streamlining of product delivery and storage. 


We offer a range of customizations to fit any existing production process, including the possibility of eliminating the need for permanent foundations and fixed anchoring to the ground with our movable on-site storage silos. 


These options offer attractive benefits due to space, cost- and time-savings in terms of site preparation, building permit procurement and silo delivery.  

omya flex

Reduce your overall costs by using an onsite slurrying solution

Omya Flex can provide an onsite slurrying (SMD) solution for calcium carbonate powder feed stock with product dosing directly into customers’ processes. 


We can also include dry blending units in the form of mobile containerized units or direct integration into the transport line. These onsite solutions increase flexibility and reduce the overall cost of applications. 


The system can be designed specifically for your application and space requirements and requires minimal or no restructuring of existing production lines.


Who qualifies for an Omya Flex project?

To ensure the project’s feasibility, a minimum annual consumption of Omya products must be met. The exact value depends on the facility location and type of products ordered. For verification we invite you to contact our team for an initial assessment. The criteria for assessment of eligibility for an Omya Flex project are:

  • An interest in automation and increased efficiency by bulk product handling

  • Minimum annual product consumption

  • Products are currently ordered in paper bags or big bags 

  • Potential for growth with modernized product delivery

  • Interest in the best possible pricing of Omya products 

omya flex


Benefits of Omya Flex

  • Simplifies delivery and eliminates product handling, unpacking and waste 
  • Enables the most competitive pricing
  • Reduces environmental impact of product delivery 
  • Saves manpower for other production tasks 
  • Silos are custom designed for the exact product ordered, ensuring the most efficient material delivery to the production process and eliminating potential bottlenecks
  • Provides a simple way to boost the plant's production capabilities with minimal effort 
  • Long-term product delivery contract guarantees supply stability and reliability.

Technical Support

Our engineering team thoroughly examines your project needs and prepares a fitting solution, tailored to every unique case.

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Sustainability and reduced carbon footprint

With tailored silos and easy installation according to your needs and requirements, waste, transport and raw material usage can all be reduced whilst maintaining operational excellence.

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