Certified recycled calcium carbonate for the construction industry

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Recycled calcium carbonate for more sustainable products in construction

The construction industry is calling on it's materials suppliers to offer products made from recycled materials. Omya answered that call by developing Omyacycle, a new reclaimed Calcium Carbonate complying with the ISO 14021:2016 certification that enables its use as recycled material.

Omyacycle - 100% Recycled Material

For the Omyacycle product range, Omya uses specifically selected calcium carbonate from reclaimed material and has obtained the Bureau Veritas certification as 100% recycled material. Omyacycle can substitute mineral fillers currently used in many Paints & Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants, Mortar, and concrete recipes, improving the sustainability and the recycled content of the final product.

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Omyacycle benefits

Omyacycle offers a valuable contribution to Sustainability as a certified, recycled, high-quality raw material covering a broad application spectrum.

  • 100% recycled content

  • ISO 14021 certificate from Bureau Veritas

  • Increases the recycled content of the final product

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Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is the key to future success on our journey of achieving our objectives.

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