Improve product performance with lightweight fillers.

A portfolio of solutions for a range of applications

Omya offers a unique portfolio of lightweight fillers to the construction industry. Omyasphere supports approaches to reduce the weight of products while enhancing application properties and adding value in the reformulation of existing recipes.

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Thinking of volume instead of weight

When replacing ‘heavier’ minerals, such as mineral fillers or aggregates, the weight of the final product is reduced. The resulting product is easier to use and has advantages from a health and safety perspective, as it is less material to carry.


At the same weight, introducing lightweight fillers increases the yield or spread rate, giving a greater coverage area, lowering the costs/m².

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Doing more with less

Omyasphere functionality facilitates application with improved workability, sag resistance and easier sandability. Improved comfort properties, such as enhanced thermal insulation, leads to energy savings. Lightweighting products means transportation savings and related CO₂ reduction.

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Benefits of Omyasphere

  • Weight reduction at the same spread rate
  • Increased yield, lowering cost/m² 
  • Lower dosage rate compared to other LWF
  • Improved workability: healthier and safer 
  • Enhanced comfort properties, like insulation
  • CO₂ reduction during transportation 


Omyasphere closed cell expanded perlite particles

Closed cell expanded perlite particles make up the structure of the Omyasphere solution portfolio. Low density, low surface to volume ratio, and hydrophobic surface treatments give these product excellent application performance. Low thermal conductivity is associated to these products giving enhanced insulating properties in the application. 

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Lower the density of your final product

The low density of closed cell expanded perlite Omyasphere series allows lower dosage vs other LWF. This results in lower cost in use. The weight of the final products can be reduced by up to 40%, supporting health and safety compliance for workers using and transporting them. The significant density reduction also improves properties and allows faster application rates.

The sustainable contribution of Omyasphere

Closed-cell expanded perlite based Omyasphere products are based on a natural raw material. The mineral nature of the product facilitates recycling of building materials. The lightweight aspect of Omyasphere reduces thermal conductivity and related energy consumption. Lower weight during transportation reduces the related CO₂ emissions. 

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A more sustainable residential cooling system

Demand for residential cooling is expected to increase significantly because of global warming. Highly reflective roof coatings reduce heat transmission from exterior to interior, thanks to reduced thermal conductivity and to an enhanced solar reflectivity index.


Omyasphere is an ideal solution for the sustainable formulation of other paints and coatings applications, like thermal comfort paints, high build façade paints, external wall insulation systems and many others.

Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers in adopting lightweight fillers in their application formulations. 

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A trusted partner for global distribution   

Omya partners with leading manufacturers of specialty materials to offer a full portfolio of pigments, binders and additives to customers worldwide.


We distribute engineered materials as well as specialty ingredients, supporting customers with technical advice and application development.   

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Customized optimization with Omyaflex

Omya Flex is a flexible product handling solution custom-built to fit and meet any requirement for an extensive selection of Omya products. We simplify product distribution and storage by providing both vertical and horizontal silos, along with an on-site slurrying solution. By minimizing the required space, costs, and time for silo delivery, commissioning, and construction permit processing, it is possible to eliminate the need for fixed anchoring and permanent foundations.

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