Lime is an essential source of calcium that gives the plant strong cell walls with better protection against pests and pathogenes. Especially important for potatoes where good availability has a positive impact on the quality.

Positive news for organic farmers - especially for potatoe- and vegetable producers

On August 31, 2018 Kiwa Certification* decided that Omya Calciprill® and Omya Calciprill®S 14 are allowed to be used in organic production. This means that organic farmers in Sweden now can do their liming in an efficient and simple way and add the macronutrients calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Easy and efficient!

Quality improvement: simple, fast and precision!

Cultivation of potatoes and vegetables requires greatest possible care in order to produce top quality. Durable plants that thrive and without lack of growth feed is of extra importance. The high content of calcium in Omya Calciprill® and Omya Calciprill®S 14 is very positive. Some examples:

  • Calcium is a key component of the plants´ cell walls, providing structure and stability to the plant
  • Calcium stimulates the growth of the roots  
  • Calcium increases the vitality of pollen
  • Calcium improves storage quality, strengthens the leaf and fruit tissue, forming a more effective barrier against pest and pathogens attacks

The Omya Calciprill® products are granulated and therefore easy to spread with a standard fertilizer. The granules are made of very finely ground high purity Calcium Carbonate resulting in fast reactivity directly after spreading.

Read more about the products here:

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Omya Calciprill®S 14

*Kiwa is a leading world top 20 supplier of Testing, Inspection and Certification services.  In Sweden active as Kiwa Inspecta and Kiwa Certifiering.