Success at the Elmia Agriculture Fair

There is no doubt that there is a great interest in liming. This became obvious after many productive meetings at the fair, on the collaboration booth with Svenska Foder.

The concept of Omya to raise liming to a higher level was received with great interest from farmers and crop advisors. Many farmers were positive to the fact that they can easily spread the soluble lime with high precision in the exact amount that the crop needs.

Lime in combination with sulfur and magnesium makes it even more interesting for cultivation of crops like canola, sugar beets, legumes and more.

However, there was more to talk about...The strong effects of calcium on the plant and therefore less risk of plant disease, was an eye opener for many of those we spoke to!

The film about Anders Björkheim, farmer outside Älmhult in Småland, who improved his grassland cultivation in 2018 by spreading Calciprill® S 14, was running at the booth. A great example of how our granulated products works in practice.