First shipload with Calciprill® unloaded in Trelleborg

Lime and nutrients are associated with large volumes and requires efficiency at all stages from production to farmer. The raw material of Omya Calciprill® is quarried and produced on Germany´s largest island of Rügen, located just across the Baltic Sea south of Trelleborg in Sweden. The lime stone quarry is located by the Calciprill® factory, less than 5 kilometers from the well-known port of Sassnitz. Previously the transports went by truck through Germany via Denmark to Sweden.

- We were not satisfied with this at all and we have now added up the efficient quarrying and production with the best possible transportation by ship to our new warehouse in Trelleborg, says Mats Rydberg, Head of Sales Omya North Europe.

Warehouse for good accessibility and efficient deliveries

Warehousing in the port of Trelleborg provides good delivery reliability and short lead times when delivering to distributors and farmers.

- We are working hard to provide Swedish agriculture with our efficient Omya Calciprill®-products, and care extra about efficient and reliable deliveries, Mats Rydberg underlines.

Nice environment and exciting history

For those intrested in history and experiences we would like to take the opportunity and point out the beatiful surroundings on Rügen, with chalk cliffs like the famous´"White Cliffs of Dover" at the south coast of England. And there is plenty of history. Rügen was part of Sweden from 1648 to 1815. The lime belonged to us once upon a time, and now we can take advantage of it again!


You could call it the "White Cliffs of Rügen". The coast around the island of Rügen is  rich of chalk which is the basis of  the Omya Calciprill®-products.