Omya Microbiology is the special microbiology division of Omya International AG. We produce and sell know-how and innovations in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, preservation and disinfection.

The facility of our department microbiology houses a unique concentration of interdisciplinary expertise and the latest technologies with chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology ideally networked together.

Selection of services:

Microbial Identification

  • Bruker microflex MALDI-TOF MS for rapid microbiological identification
  • MLST for Salmonella serotyping
  • RASOS - Detection of plant pathogenic fungi


  • Microbiome Analytics by Next Generation Sequencing (all 16S rRNA, ITS)

Toxicity studies:

  • Testing of chemicals: OECD 471 Ames Test for quick detection of carcinogenic compounds, also for substances of low solubility
  • OECD 201 Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria Growth Inhibition Test for aqua toxicity
  • YES/YAS-Assay: Yeast Estrogen Screening and Yeast Androgen Screening, Assay for the identification of endogen disruptors​

For more information please contact us:


+41 62 789 2415 or

+41 62 789 2512