Mineral Excellence

Mineral Excellence stands for the quality and expertise that Omya brings to all aspects of its business. Over more than 135 years, Omya has developed profound technical know-how and expertise in the manufacture and use of industrial minerals across various industries. Our values of Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity and Perseverance help Omya to maintain a long-term focus and commitment to excellence in operations, innovation, as well as our relationships with customers, partners and the communities in which we operate.

The Mineral Excellence logo exemplifies the breadth of capabilities that Omya has developed over the years, from humble grains of Calcium Carbonate we have been creating sophisticated and groundbreaking solutions for our customers and business partners. The Fine and Ultrafine Ground Calcium Carbonates that form the basis of many of our solutions are sustainably extracted from the purest sources and processed in cutting-edge plants to meet the highest standards. By using a multistage development process, Omya continues to introduce new innovations such as precipitated and modified Calcium Carbonate products and a new family of lightweight fillers.

At Omya, only the best minerals, processes and products earn our seal of Mineral Excellence.