Minerals for Oil & Gas Drilling

Drilling for oil and gas involves many complex operations where calcium carbonate and various other minerals play a crucial role. Omya has the production capabilities to be a global supplier of oilfield products to the oil and gas industry.

Natural minerals – typically barite and calcium carbonate – are used in oil and gas drilling as additives to the fluids applied in the drilling process, primarily during the drilling, well-completion and cementing phases.

Calcium carbonate is mostly used as a 'bridging agent'. A pre-designed blend of particle sizes is added to the drilling fluid. These minerals help control the amount of fluid penetrating the rock formation being drilled. This is important to avoid damaging the rock, which could in turn restrict the oil or gas production. Furthermore, the acid solubility of calcium carbonate means that potentially damaging solids can be acidized and removed from boreholes to maximize production. Omya can offer high purity, acid soluble calcium carbonate products over a broad range of particle sizes to suit the required applications.

Calcium carbonate may also be used as a 'weighting agent'. However, barite usually performs this task. Thanks to the Omya joint venture with Steinbock Barite, we offer these minerals, too. Barite is the main constituent of a drilling fluid. As a weighting agent, it provides density to the fluid in order to equalize the pressures encountered in the drilling process.

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