Oil & Gas Drilling

Omyadrill - High purity, marble-based Calcium Carbonate for use in drilling and completion fluid applications

Drilling for oil and gas involves many complex operations where Calcium Carbonate and various other minerals play a crucial role as additives to the drilling fluids applied in the drilling process, primarily during the drilling, well-completion and cementing phases.

For the oil & gas industry, Omya has developed Omyadrill a range of Calcium Carbonate products meeting the technical challenges encountered in drilling and well operations.​

Omyadrill advantage:

Range of specially sized, marble-based Calcium Carbonate coming with high acid solubility, low attrition and high purity for use in drilling and completion fluid applications, such as:

        • Bridging Agent
        • Weighting Agent
        • Wellbore Stress Management
        • Loss Circulation Control

Omyadrill uses:

        • Drilling fluids
        • Reservoir drilling fluids
        • Drill-In fluids
        • Workover fluids
        • Packer fluids
        • Completion fluids
        • Cementing fluids


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