Junior Process Engineer New Zealand

Permanent employment / Greenlane, New Zealand

Junior Process Engineer New Zealand


Job main responsibilities

  • Takes care for full process starting from input to requirements to mine planning considering the different raw materials, sampling and rest of ongoing production to ensure only the materials are used to achieve the necessary specification (according to products fit for purpose and production and minimise the use of raw material with limited long-term availability.
  • ​Responsible for all lab equipment and management of test results and reporting
  • Managing customer complaints and monitoring, reporting and improvement of production processes and environmental matter 
  • Heavily contribute to the continuous improvement and related projects.
  • Perform operations related tasks in SAP to support other plant functions.
  • To be developed into future management roles within Omya Operations. 
  • Other Job details:
    • Key person onsite for technical understanding of production from raw material through finished product.​
    • Monitor production to ensure optimum performance of all processes in regards to efficiency and quality.
    • Define related raw material mix based for production based on specification, production capabilities and raw material availability (internal and external) and expected production cost and other constraints that have to considered.
    • Organize meetings for production planning and ensure continuous improvement on material knowledge and use
    • Prepare information for mine planning and ongoing revision of the raw material requirements
    • Evaluate customer specifications and sales plan for the most efficient material production and use; - advise constraints and contribute to the development and implementation of solutions
    • Prepare and monitor sampling and testing plans to ensure production optimisation and customer satisfaction.
    • Responsible for LIMS Management on site
    • Responsible for maintenance, functioning and calibration of all lab equipment
    • Prepare quality reports to OPSD, Sales (Customers) and Plant
    • Check quality testing of production and manage the sample and data storage and documentation
    • Handling of customer complaints
    • Organize and prepare samples required for external testing (production and special samples)
    • Manage external testing for production including preparation of samples.
    • Regular safety inspection of the quarry, the lab and processing plants
    • Monitoring and activities for environmental monitoring and compliance
    • Monitoring of production and process parameters including reporting, continuous performance improvements​

Candidate profile requirements

  • Engineering degree in Mining, Geology or Processing
  • 2 years of experience in a similar role
  • ​​Understanding of mineral processing;
  • Principal understanding of Omya's lab equipment – the position will be trained in all operational and maintenance requirements and is expected to take on deeper knowledge and understanding of the methods and the equipment. 
  • Strong team player with excellent interpersonal/communication skills and understanding of different cultures/work environments
  • Good organisation and planning skills
  • Training will be provided for SAP operation (production and maintenance) and the incumbent is expected to mastr the skills within one year from commencement of employment
  • Ability to find solutions, achieve objectives and drive tasks to completion
  • Continuous improvement process knowledge
  • Very good command of spoken and written English