Automation Engineer

Permanent employment / Wathena, USA

Automation Engineer


STARTING SALARY: ​$80,000 a year. ​


The Automation Engineer is responsible for the design, maintenance, and programming of existing and future electrical and automation equipment at the plant. 


  • Maintain safe working conditions and practices to achieve a zero (0) lost time injury record within the area of responsibility.  Perform work duties in accordance with QSHE system procedures. 
  • Work with the engineering and production staff to refine process design and control systems and projects.  Lead the use of proper electrical, instrumentation, and process control elements to make quality product with the minimum of manual control and maintenance.  Design systems so quality control information and production reporting data is collected and available in useful formats. 
  • Manage the Process Change Request system.  Maintain the electronic system so process change requests can be initiated by plant personnel, approved by responsible parties and implemented by engineering/process control personnel.  
  • Responsible for maintaining reliable system, existing PLC, SCADA, and related hardware along with communications, back-ups and software.  Schedule automation system maintenance and verify the availability of spare parts in inventory.  Provide troubleshooting assistance to production and maintenance.  Work closely with hub Automation to maintain Omya standards. 
  • Provide assistance to all plant personnel when systems are malfunctioning or when product is out-of-specification. Includes 24-hour a day coverage for PLC, SCADA, and all computer and networking hardware. 
  • Assist RAM Engineering to initiate, estimate, seek financial approval, design, specify, direct engineering effort, supervise construction, manage project costs, commission, check-out and start-up capital projects as required. 
  • Maintain PLC, SCADA, and network documentation and 'red lining' of electrical and process drawings. 
  • Interface with all level of staff and contractors from various sites and departments to ensure that quality product is produced in an economical and safe manner. 
  • Other duties as assigned.​


Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related, and a minimum of three (3) years of experience in automation programming, or equivalent combinations of education, training and experience is required.

Familiarity in PLC programming, SCADA programming, databases, visual basic, ​networking, servers, MS Office, plant electrical systems and instrumentation is essential.  Prior use of a CAD system and knowledge of electrical testing meters and methods are preferred.  

A thorough understanding​ of plant electrical and electronic equipment including motor drives, instrumentation and troubleshooting, or ability to quickly learn is required.

Must be able to work independently and accept responsibility for sophisticated and expensive equipment and work responsibly with potentially hazardous processes and systems.