Water treatment industries

Omya works closely with water treatment plants in a range of industries to optimize their processes, improve sustainability and reduce costs.

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Municipal wastewater

Omya’s natural mineral solutions are used for pH stabilization and buffering, providing a suitable environment for biological activity during the activated sludge process and enabling the efficient biodegradation of organics in anaerobic digestion.


For improved safety in sludge handling, raising pH above 12 effectively sterilizes the sludge. 

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Food and beverage industry

The wastewater produced by the food and beverage industry is rich in starch and high in organic load.


Our portfolio of solutions is widely used for pH control and performance optimization in the flocculation process, anaerobic digestion and the activated sludge process.  

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Chemical industry

Omya’s mineral solutions deliver efficient neutralization of acidic waste generated by using strong acids in organic or inorganic synthesis. 


The benefits of our products include lower operating costs, improved safety and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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