Water treatment industries

Omya works closely with water treatment plants in a range of industries to optimize their processes, improve sustainability and reduce costs.

Municipal wastewater

Omya’s natural mineral solutions are used for pH stabilization and buffering, providing a suitable environment for biological activity during the activated sludge process and enabling the efficient biodegradation of organics in anaerobic digestion.


For improved safety in sludge handling, raising pH above 12 effectively sterilizes the sludge. 

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Mining, ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing

Omya’s technologies are effective for overburden buffering, acidic waste neutralization, and better valorization of by-products such as gypsum.


Our products are used in mining operations, production of concentrates and in metal refining and processing. This includes remediation activities linked to lake and river liming impacted by pollution from old mining activities. 

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